Join my mobile UA presentation at STC 2015

 Join my Mobile UA presentation at #STC15! Learn more on Lanyrd.

Join my mobile presentation at #STC15!

Join my mobile presentation at #STC15!

Delighting Mobile Customers with Content for Apps, Videos, and a Social Media Campaign

Learn how your team can delight customers by leveraging your content across multiple channels. Hear how an information development team added value to a release and received positive feedback from customers. Discover best practices for:

  • Developing mobile content for mobile app stores, an in-app tour, mobile-friendly docs, and a responsive-design library
  • Running a social media campaign on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • Creating a mobile video and posting it on a mobile YouTube channel
  • Validating results through analytics and customer feedback
  • Communicating wins to demonstrate the department’s value to the organization
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Presenting a mobile content workshop at STC 2015

Join my workshop on mobile content at #STC15  – check it out on on Lanyrd.


Workshop  – Writing for Mobile: Don’t Shrink It, Rethink It!

Mobile devices require an entirely new mindset. We are now challenged to write with the small–sometimes tiny–screen in mind. Learn to adjust to such space limitations and make every word count.

  • Find out how to think big, write small.
  • Adapt to the small screen by making every word count.
  • Grab users’ attention from the very first word they see onscreen.
  • Benefit from the best practices that we uncovered in our real-life, deadline-driven challenge to deliver only the best to our mobile customers.
  • Learn to put yourself in the user’s seat by tap testing.
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REST API documentation best practice slides for my presentation to STC Silicon Valley

Here are the slides for my presentation on REST API doc best practices for STC Silicon Valley. Thanks to everyone who attended for your great questions and participation!

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Giving an Intro to Wearable Tech at Oracle Education Foundation’s workshop for young women

Wearable technology overview for Oracle Education Foundation

Looking forward to giving an Intro to Wearable Tech for Oracle Education Foundation’s workshop for young women.

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Check out my mobile content slides, featured on SlideShare Today

Thanks to SlideShare for featuring my mobile content slides on SlideShare Today!

“Your presentation has been featured on the SlideShare homepage. Kudos from our editorial team for your effort. Your presentation was chosen from thousands uploaded to SlideShare every day from around the world.”

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Leading a workshop on content for mobile and wearables on Jan 24

Looking forward to leading a workshop on content for mobile and wearable technology on Jan 24.

Sign up:

Wearable app on Moto 360

Wearable app on Moto 360

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My “boarding pass” for NASA’s Orion test flight

Marta boarding pass for NASA Orion Test Flight

NASA invited the public to submit their names to fly aboard the Orion test flight, scheduled for December 4, 2014. NASA added the names to a microchip that will fly on Orion’s 20,000 mile mission, and provided “boarding passes” as mementos.

Here is my Orion boarding pass!  I’m joining a NASA Social for #Orion at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley.

Marta boarding pass for NASA Orion Test Flight

Marta’s boarding pass for the NASA Orion Test Flight

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Posted my slides for QCon SF – Mobile Trends and Innovation

Looking forward to presenting at QCon SF on Mobile Trends and Innovation!

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Presenting on mobile trends and innovations at the QCon developer conference in SF

Looking forward to presenting on the future of mobile at the QCon developer conference in San Francisco.

Upgrade your insight on mobile trends and innovations

Understand key directions for the future of mobile, and see how developers are pushing the envelope to deliver innovative mobile experiences. Attend this session to learn about leading trends for mobile:

  • See promising use cases for wearable technology
  • Understand trends in augmented reality for mobile devices
  • Look at examples of big data and analytics use cases for mobile
  • Check out mobile interfaces to the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Learn best practices for mobile content and user experience (UX)

QCon San Francisco

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Augmented Reality is the term of the week on The Language of Content Strategy

The Language of Content Strategy

Thanks to Scott Abel and Rahel Bailie for featuring my term, augmented reality, as the Term of the Week!

Learn more and get the book


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