My Google Glass slides are featured on SlideShare’s home page!

My Google Glass slides for LavaCon 2013 are featured on SlideShare’s home page!

Marta Rauch is a senior principal information developer at Oracle. She leads cloud, mobile, and REST API projects, and participates in initiatives for AR, IoT, big data, and wearable technology. Marta’s article on wearable tech appeared in STC Intercom. She provides UX feedback for augmented reality apps for iPad and Android. Marta's augmented reality topic is featured in The Language of Content Strategy, by Rahel Bailie and Scott Abel, available from O’Reilly and Amazon. An STC Associate Fellow and member of the Nominating Committee, Marta has received 15 STC awards for individual and team projects at the regional and international level. Marta graduated from Stanford University.

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